Link Love: 4.12.12

link love

link love

Collage by Francisca Pageo

• If I had been decorating Easter eggs last week, these Pantone and CMYK eggs would have been at the top of my list!

• I love this post about art and inspiration so much. Especially, “Not every decision you make has to be crowdsourced beforehand. Trust your gut and keep it to yourself while you follow through.” Bravo, Anna!

• It’s about time that we embrace the inevitable aging process.

• If you’re receiving a book advance (or a large sum of money in general), don’t run out and spend loads of money on questionable purchases!

• This poor teacher got schooled on Helvetica by a five year old!

• I still can’t believe that Instagram went from zero to $1 billion in value in only 17 months!

• We’ve all been there: How do you deal with clients that take forever to pay?

• Six keys for turning your company into a design powerhouse.

• This is an interesting look at some world famous fashion designers who have gotten fit over the years. Karl Lagerfeld once said, “Fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight.” Thoughts?

• The Nextness just gave an overview of the brand new Beyoncé website and it is beautifully designed. So many great insights about sharing and social media in this article as well!

link love

A snippet of type from the new Beyoncé site

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