Link Love: 4.5.12

link love

link love


• Web designers, if you’ve ever wondered what the dimensions of the site you’re designing should be, Fold Tester is an invaluable resource. Key in the URL of any website and see what percentage of their content shows up in the world’s web browsers!

• I love this advice on figuring out what to charge for your freelance design services.

• The five types of work that fill your day (yes, insecurity is on the list).

• Business owners, never give up on your dream. The Dirty Little Secret of Overnight Success reminds us that “In your life, you’ve probably had a setback or two. When you stumble, it’s tempting the throw in the towel and accept defeat. There’s always an attractive excuse waiting eagerly, hoping you’ll take the easy way out. But the most successful people forge ahead. They realize that mistakes are simply data, providing new information to adjust your approach going forward.”

• I really want this hole to another universe decal for my office wall!

• Dan Ariely on regret: “As it turns out our happiness frequently depends not on where we are at the moment, but how easily we perceive we might be elsewhere, or in another, better situation.”

• After my vintage scarf post yesterday, a few readers recommended this great article featuring 10 ways to wear a silk scarf.

• This article is a good wakeup call: Are you as busy as you think?

• Much too often, Michael Beirut argues that designers are trained to think about the design itself and not about what it means or what it’s hoping to accomplish.

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