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Link Love: 3.15.12

link love

link love


Welcome to Link Love, a weekly roundup of my favorite discoveries from around the web.

• When you do work for friends, what’s the proper etiquette? Should you charge them?

• If you’re looking for editorial design inspiration, Magspiration is your place.

• Sadly, not much has changed in America’s food consumption ten years after Fast Food Nation was released.

• I love this post about etiquette (or lack thereof) on the internet.

• The History of Graphic Design is now available for iPad!

• In The New York Times: How India Became America is a look at the dark side of sudden economic prosperity.

• I love the packaging and collateral for Hillard’s Beer by Mint Design.

• It’s pretty obvious that Americans don’t have time for slow websites.

• Companies, listen up! Without the right message, Twitter is no better for your brand than a fax machine.

• Wayfare Magazine is beautifully designed. Get inspired for your next journey.

• You might be surprised by what the person sitting next to you on the train is perusing on their e-reader!

• 3 blogging rules you should break.