Link Love: 3.1.12

link love

link love

Charlotte Carey by Andrew Yee

• Stop being a tortured creative and have fun.

• If you’ve been considering going freelance, read this for some great advice.

• I love Jennifer Wright: Stop writing on the Internet to make people love you.

• How to stay productive and get massive amounts of shit done.

• Offscreen is a beautifully designed magazine that takes a look at the people that create websites and apps. Find out what a day of their life is like and what they keep on their desks!

• The 8 principles of product naming.

• Studio On Fire does the most beautiful letterpress I’ve ever seen. This Brooklyn wedding invitation suite is no exception.

• The world’s 50 most innovative companies.

• I’m always on the lookout for great hand-done looking scripts and am loving Saissant. Reminds me of some of my favorite calligraphy.

• If you’re interested in the fashion & lifestyle PR industries, this book may be perfect for you.

• Like me, Luxirare has a little white dog named Rocky and loves Adidas. She whipped up a mini track suit and sneakers for her and the results are, as usual, amazing!

• To speed up the creativity process, sometimes you have to slow down.

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