Daily Archives: January 17, 2012

The Typofiles #94: Rick Ross for GQ Magazine

magazine typofiles typography

When it comes to offline inspiration, my primary source of design research relies heavily on magazines. By day, I do everything from branding to retail to web design but my personal, off-the-job passion is editorial design and fashion magazine layouts are what excite me most. Yesterday, as I was idly flipping through the October 2011 issue of GQ, this beautiful type treatment that accompanied an interview of rapper-of-the-moment Rick Ross totally blew my mind. Reminiscent of vintage maps and banknotes but thoroughly modernized with the text Simple Lessons For Bosses, Dons and Bitches, it’s the perfect merging of old and new. I love it.

Decor Notebook #17: Red Hot

Though nearly the entire interior of my house, Wolfgang Manor is comprised of black and white, small dashes of red are scattered throughout to add a lively sense of energy. I tend to collage images into my Decor Notebook primarily by color since so many other components of my life are also color-driven including my books, clothing, and shoes. When people ask me for organizational tips, I always say that you have to develop an individualized system that works for you — color just happens to be my self-prescribed method to keep the madness in check.