Link Love: 11.29.11

link love

link love

• 5 tips for making and keeping your New Year’s resolution.

• Once you’re established as a business owner, it’s important to consider only choosing work that pushes it forward.

• The materials the original spacesuit was made of may surprise you.

• Learn about the history and evolution of the Penguin logo.

• Have you ever wondered which electrical outlets correspond to which countries? Here’s your visual guide!

• Bruce Davidson did what few others dared to do in the 1980s; he ventured down to the (then dangerous) New York City subway with expensive photo equipment to document passengers.

• I always love reading Year In Review blog posts and Gala’s recap brings back so many fond memories!

• If you’ve ever struggled with writing, read Jasmine Star’s article for inspiration.

• What exactly does it mean to live a beautiful life?

• In my interior design dreams, I’d love to have a rainbow staircase.

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