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Link Love: 12.22.11

link love

link love


• I love this creative way to visualize 2012 by filling up your walls with handwritten notes of goals!

• Simple, solid advice: When you hit 28 or 30, everything begins to divide

• Unlike most American companies, Amazon focuses on long term timelines instead of quarterly earnings and its strategy seems to be working.

• Unstuck is a free app that helps you diagnose the moments in your life when you’re feeling stuck, diagnose the issue and in the process, help you move forward.

• A 100 year old letter to Santa was found hidden in a chimney.

•The idea of having a personalized self-inking stamp is so cool!

• The best Tumblr discovery in a long while: WTF is Michael Jordan Wearing?!

• I love the use of color in the collection of calendars by The Indigo Bunting.

• National Geographic has just announced the winners of its 2011 photo contest.

• Brand New rounds up its list of the worst identities of 2011.

• Galadarling.com just celebrated its 5th birthday!! Take a little walk down memory lane.