Link Love: 12.15.11

link love

link love


• Have you seen the new HP branding by Moving brands? It’s quite progressive…but might not get implemented.

• 4 fresh gift wrap ideas, just in time for Christmas!

• Creatives, read this. Getting what you want and achieving your goals doesn’t happen as if by magic. You have to really believe in what you want and go after it!

• Grance Doré explains the difference between party dressing in New York and Paris.

•  What are the most overused professional buzzwords? LinkedIn weighs in!

•  Designer Promise Tangeman has definitely mastered the art of the to-do list! And, she also shares some insight into designing and building a brand.

• Bri Emery has one of the best decorated loft spaces I’ve seen. I’m a big fan of color-coded closets!

• Overall, the new version of Twitter sounds promising.

• The new A Is For Arsenic jewelry line Taxidermia is finally available! I am lucky to already have two pieces from the collection. Amazing stuff!

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