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Happy Holidays from Wolfgang Manor!

what i wore happy holidays

what i wore happy holidays

This will be my third Christmas in Wolfgang Manor and I decided that this would be the year that I would decorate for the first time ever in my adulthood. Over the weekend, Joey and I scoured Target for an all-white Christmas tree but came up empty-handed. So we worked with what we could find — this mini silver tree — and decorated it with silver tinsel, mini silver ball ornaments and a tiny silver glitter encrusted tree topper. It’s small, simple and perfect for the center of our dining room table. It’s not much but when it comes to traditions, you’ve got to start somewhere. Next year, we’re planning on stepping it up with a larger tree for the living room and many more decorations. Just like everything in our house, our holiday decor is a work in progress!

We didn’t want to leave Rocky out of the festivities so we also picked him up a Santa suit at Target. It’s already been a big hit with the neighbor ladies!

I’ve been working around the clock on an ad campaign that won’t wind down until right before Christmas so I’m looking forward to sneaking off to my grandparents’ cabin with Joey and Rocky to celebrate Christmas with family in less than two weeks. That’s what matters most this year — family time.

I Wore:
Vintage Wool Dress, Ebay (circa 2003)
Santa Hat, Target
Belt, Forever 21
Tights, H&M
Heels, Divina (circa 2005)

Happy Holidays,