My Cross To Bear: Solo Art Show at Sequential Art Gallery

nubby my cross to bear

My Cross To Bear is a collection of 14 all new collage-based art pieces by Portland-based graphic designer and internet personality, Nubby Twiglet. After a three year hiatus from art, Nubby’s return is most notably marked by an abundance of black and white pieces which feature motifs bearing her trademark graphic style.

A visual continuation of the acclaimed 2007 series Black & White Graphic Insight, My Cross to Bear presents a more refined artistic direction, featuring typographic elements seamlessly woven with fashion magazine mash-ups. These themes are often merged with self-portraits to create a modern collage style that walks a fine line between graphic design and fine art.

On the surface, My Cross To Bear is an homage to the symbolism of the red cross which often plays a starring role in Nubby’s design work. On a deeper level, it also delves into the transformation that takes place when a shift from obscurity to notoriety begins to take hold. With much of our lives now splashed across digital mediums without a second thought, the line between what we consider our private and public selves is consistently blurred. In this evolving social landscape, nothing is considered sacred. This is our cross to bear.

Each piece of art is a original and will be available exclusively at Sequential Art Gallery in Portland, Oregon beginning December 1, 2011.

nubby my cross to bear

In addition to the art series, t-shirts and screen printed posters from my archives will be available for sale. And, if that’s not enough to entice you, free stickers and postcards just might! For everyone outside of Portland, I will be compiling a post of all available pieces before the show with the gallery contact information. I’ll also be mailing special edition jumbo show cards to those of you that are interested; watch for an upcoming post in the next few weeks.

nubby my cross to bear

My Cross To Bear:
Sequential Art Gallery, Portland, OR

Opening Party:
First Thursday — December 1, 2011, 6 to 10 PM

Show runs from December 1st through December 29th.

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