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Nubbytwiglet.com Web Portfolio

nubby web portfolio

Nubbytwiglet.com Web Portfolio, 2011

One of my big goals for 2011 was to launch a web portfolio. I’ve had many web portfolios in the past but I wanted this one to be different and to stand in as a design retrospective of sorts. Instead of limiting the work I showed to the standard 10 to 15 pieces my print portfolio has, I wanted a place to show everything.

nubby web portfolio

Now you can view nearly every project that I’ve worked on in the five years I’ve been designing professionally. My overarching goal was to share a sense of progression with each project being arranged in chronological order. It’s like a timeline of my design, unfolding and telling a story. Instead of bits and pieces, you can see every step along the way. Also, I sized each image at a generous 850 px wide because there’s a lot of detail that goes into some of these projects that you’ve never been able to see at the smaller sizes they were originally posted in.

nubby web portfolio

I graduated from a community college graphic design program in 2008 but I started designing professionally early on during my time there. Five years ago, things quickly changed for me when I designed CD packaging for Virgin Records during my second semester. This gave me a jump-start and one internship, five agencies and a whole lot of personal freelance later, this is my life.

Next week, I’ll be sharing the print version of my portfolio and some tips for building your own as well. Also, some more projects will be trickling into the web portfolio mix; there are a lot of hard drives and dark corners to still dig through! Design really is a never-ending journey, thanks for coming along for the ride!