Link Love: 11.10.11

link love

link love


• Have you ever wondered why you look so different every time someone new takes your photo? Sometimes it really does come down to the lens.

• Download a free Pantone calendar!

• Learn how to establish your grid in Photoshop.

• Fashion bloggers, this is a must-read! How Blogging Became My Boyfriend.

• Have you seen the hilarious illustrations of what dogs want? If you have a dog, you’ll agree that everything in this post is so true!

• An image collection of tiny homes. So cute and cozy!

• I’ve recently turned into a bit of a candle fanatic and Into The Gloss reviews the best brands.

• Have you seen the Tumblr featuring cats posing on famous album covers?!

• A great look back at vintage trading card designs. The type, colors and patterns are great!

• Have you ever wondered what the home of Dita Von Teese looks like? Here’s your chance to peek inside.

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