This Halloween, I Wore A Potato Sack

halloween nubby twiglet

This Halloween, I figured that there could be nothing more ironic than wearing a potato sack. But, this isn’t any old potato sack because it’s emblazoned with big, bold red and black type!

I hadn’t planned on dressing up this year but that quickly changed as I was wandering through the never-ending maze of booths at an antique show over the weekend with my brother. I spotted this amazing 60s era costume resting on a rack and with a little bartering, I walked away with it for 20 dollars (which might be pricy for a standard-issue potato sack but this one was very, very special!)

halloween nubby twiglet

In full, the ‘dress’ reads:

Be beautiful in a POTATO SACK
Looks like a sack
Feels like a sack
Fill with 100 lbs. or more of charm, and save money on new French inspired creations
Guaranteed to loose [sic] shape without ironing
For evening wear, add Mink trimmings

halloween nubby twiglet

So, there you go. This Halloween, I went all out…wearing a glorious vintage potato sack with DKNY nude fishnets and All Caps Dahlias. I won’t lie…I wanted to belt it and accessorize so badly but I realized that would defeat the purpose! Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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