Link Love: 10.27.11

link love

link love

Image: Numero Korea, 2009.

• These sequin graffiti installations in Reykjavik are beautiful and totally unexpected.

• More big brands should follow the lead of de-cluttering their logos.

• The story of how Richard Branson started Virgin Atlantic is hugely inspiring.

• Made me laugh: Why Did You Even Put a Tree There? features trees that were planted in really awkward places.

• How about a jumbo-sized cross stitch panel for your living room?

• Do You Read Me?! is a magazine shop in Berlin that looks way cool.

• With the holidays creeping up, 10 ways to make garland comes at the perfect time.

• Whether you’re in the makeup business or not, listening to Jeanine Lobell, the founder of Stila talk about how she got her start is inspiring to entrepreneurs everywhere. She makes us realize that sometimes, you don’t need to have everything planned out down to the last detail to be successful.

• Cars in Cuba features shots of the many vintage cars that still cover the island due to the embargo that started in the 1950s.

• Barbie just got the best outfit ever: a Pantone dress.

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