Link Love: 10.20.11

link love

link love

Image: Irving Penn for Vogue, 2005.

• My favorite link of the week: Handlettered logos from defunct department stores.

• 10 surefire ways to overcome blogging procrastination.

• Six months and 50 grand later, this is the Portland Art Museum’s new logo. Thoughts?

• I really wish that I was having a Pantone Christmas.

• Have you ever heard of spite houses? If you have an ongoing feud with your neighbors, you have to read this!

• Forgotten web browsers of the early 90s!

• 65 ways to drive traffic to your blog.

• Are you still in need of some Halloween costume ideas? Kimberly from Wildfox has got you covered!

• Perfect for Fall and so easy. Homemade oatmeal 9 ways!

• Just ignore the haters.

• Flickr has rounded up some gorgeous photos of Antarctica.

• The Do’s and Don’ts of infographic design.

• I keep hearing about Solo Project Management software. And it’s so beautifully designed that maybe more designers would stick with it!

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