Link Love: 10.12.11

link love

link love

Image: Naty Chabanenko by Ishi for French Revue de Modes.

• Steve Wozniak reminisces about his friend, Steve Jobs and the early years of Apple.

• The 6 most horrifying lies that the food industry is feeding you.

• Disciples is photographer James Mollion’s visual study of musical subcultures. Madonna fans, Mansonites and more are covered in these intriguing portraits.

• Learn how to transfer a photo onto fabric!

• In 1986, Steve Jobs hired Paul Rand to design a logo for his new computer company, Next. Check out his presentation.

• How street style changed the frontier of fashion photography.

• I read this article last week and it’s still on my mind: Climate Change and the End of Australia is so shocking and sad.

• Steve Pavlina offers advice for creating a business plan.

• Life would be so much better if I had a treehouse that resembled a mini castle.

• Water marbling is the visual equivalent of tie-dye for your nails! Wow!

• The bright, layered illustrations by Miles Donovan are electrifying.

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