Link Love: 10.6.11

link love

link love

Photo: Vogue.

• The whys and the hows of textures in web design.

• It’s always fun to read a first-time visitor’s views of the city you call home. I’m so glad that Positively Present enjoyed her stop in Portland!

• Freelancers, listen up: be smart and save your money!

• A huge battle over the trademark of the famous Keep Calm and Carry On posters wages on.

• What would famous logos look like if their designers had chosen generic type that almost everyone has access to?

• When the fairytale ends, real life begins.

• People keep dissing Kanye’s fashion debut in Paris but I think it had glimmers of some fantastic concepts. Susie Bubble’s review is the most level-headed that I’ve seen.

• Herb Lubalin was a typographic genius and the power of his work lives on. It’s easy to see why he’s still the idol of so many designers to this day.

• I’m intrigued by the the book Creative Personal Branding. Sounds like a no-nonsense, engaging read.

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