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A Party to Remember: 2011 Edition

30 birthday nubby twiglet

The Moose Head at Bedlam // September 14, 2011.

For the last few years, Gala and I have been combining our birthday parties into one big celebration since they’re just a day apart. In the past, we’ve done everything from open-invite picnics in Central Park to private garden parties outfitted with a disco ball and skull goblets. This year though, we wanted to try something different. Gala wouldn’t be arriving home from New Zealand until September 12th and I know how un-fun it is to plan a party and gather favors when you’re jetlagged! So, I asked around and a bar called Bedlam kept coming up. And upon further research it became clear that this place was beyond perfect…because it very much resembled my living room. What better venue to have your party in than a place that feels like a home away from home? The taxidermy and patterned wallpaper both evoke a Portland-esque feel and it seemed low-key enough that we could focus on what mattered most: spending time with our friends.

30 birthday nubby twiglet

Fuji Instax photos by Gala Darling.

I’d picked out a special dress for the festivities (it was my 30th birthday, after all) and the vintage op-art Marimekko number was found on Etsy. It arrived just in time but unfortunately, it was a little big. Since I didn’t have time to get it altered, I cinched the waist with a thin black patent belt. Gala on the other hand found the most gorgeous burgundy strapless dress at Betsey Johnson that fit her perfectly. I liked that it was outside of her normal style and everyone I knew was raving about how great she looked all night. Sadly, all the joint photos we took in front of the moose head turned out too blurry to share but we made up for that by having a photo shoot with Lydia a few days later.

30 birthday nubby twiglet

Enjoying turning 30 surrounded by my friends and Joey.

We each had a great showing and spent the night catching up with friends from all over. When we were introducing our friends and their accompanying professions, we realized that most of them were pros in more than one area and started simply labeling them geniuses. It’s true, we are surrounded by a pretty creative group that collectively inspires us from coast to coast.

30 birthday nubby twiglet

Top L to Bottom R: With Bianca // Bianca and Cindy // Shots with Amelia, Voltaire and Jayme // Joey // Jazzi!!!

Once the party began to wind down, we agreed that this was our favorite version yet: it was simple, inexpensive, allowed our friends to mingle and there wasn’t the pressure of planning (or cleaning up afterwards) that we normally feel.

30 birthday nubby twiglet

At the end of the night, Bianca and I morphed into a real life art installation!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Bedlam, sent birthday wishes and joined Gala and in ringing in another year!

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