The Big Three Oh!

30 birthday nubby twiglet

30 birthday nubby twiglet

Photo by Gala Darling // September 14, 2011 // Bedlam, New York.

When you’re a teenager, 30 seems like a lifetime away. But then you soon realize that after a few years of college, a handful jobs and a lot of traveling thrown in the mix, time really does seem to fly by.

At 30, I finally feel like I’m where I set out to be but I’m also itching for that next big challenge. Luckily, age aint nothing but a number. I woke up yesterday morning and felt exactly the same. Birthdays and anniversaries are all arbitrary in the grand scheme of life. Yes, it feels good to hit specific goals but it’s also important to have fun in the moment and to embrace and enjoy the process while it’s actually happening.

These days, I am feeling very inspired to take things to the next level. Thanks to everyone who’s been reading along all these years and here’s to many more birthdays, blog posts and celebrations!

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