Link Love: 9.8.11

link love

link love

Photo: Arthur Elgort for Vogue Japan, September 2011

• Designers, this is definitely the must-read article of the week: Jessica Hische unravels the complex world of knowing what to charge for your work in The Dark Art of Pricing.

• How to live a beautiful life: stop living vicariously through others.

• Want a fresh look for your Eames wire chair? How about knitting it?

• How old is your globe?

• Wood Type Revival takes rare, historical type and turns it into digital fonts for designers.

• How do two New York girls pull off a self-proclaimed dark fashion sense in a corporate environment? Bianca and Zoh show us how it’s done over at Strikt!

• 50 must-see documentaries.

• Are you totally guilty of using Like a little too often? Please consult The Guide of Likes.

• How should a designer deal with unpaid invoices?

• Glitter nails forever!

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