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Link Love: 9.1.11

link love

link love

Image: Bob Wolfenson for Criativa Magazine

• Inker Linker is a great resource to help you locate the perfect printer. Even better, you can search by priorities including pricing and quick turnaround!

• Loving the CMYK shirts that Portland’s very own W+K has whipped up!

• Have you checked out the posters over at Paper Jam Press? They feature hand pulled, short runs of words to live by.

• A manicure consisting of matte black nails with glossy black tips? Yes, please.

• You have to check out Night Riders, a collaboration between Luxirare and Anastasia Radevich which resulted in a futuristic leather jacket that lights up. Uneblievably stunning!

• Designers vs. Coding answers that age old question we’ve all asked, “Do I need to know how to code?”

• If you’ve ever had to deal with a rental broker in New York, this article is for you.

• Though I don’t drink Diet Coke, I’m totally digging the limited edition design that Turner Duckworth came up with for its 125th anniversary.

• Sometimes, it really only takes a few simple changes to feel better about your body.

• 11 blog proofreading tips that you can’t afford to ignore.

• I keep hearing about Broder, a Swedish restaurant in Portland. So wanting to try it!

• I fell in love with Gala Darling’s wedding video. So charming and heartfelt!

• For those of us who weren’t lucky enough to see Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibit in person, here are some highlights.

• Jane of Sea of Shoes offers up some practical beauty tips.