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Link Love: 8.25.11

link love

link love


• Not a huge surprise that people tend to choose money over happiness.

• Sad news! Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple.

• It’s the 40th anniversary of the iconic Nike Swoosh.

• Worn Fashion Journal has just put together a 60 second video showing every single outfit that Cher Horowitz wore in Clueless.

• How to build a better design process.

• I adore Mike Dempsey’s Design Business Tips.

• When Celebrities Were Young is very entertaining (and vaguely educational).

• The Dream is a series of twenty-four unique letterpress prints created from antique wood type and advertising imagery.

• Make a family album out of cell phone photos!

• From the advice column of Cary Tennis: Am I cut out for my dream job? and My family is out of control.

• Why do clothes on celebrities often look so much better? It’s because they get everything tailored! (via Already Pretty)

• As a designer, don’t be afraid to communicate what makes you different.