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Link Love: 8.4.11

link love

link love

Image by MAC for Future Face

• The United Nude concept boutiques are amazing. This is exactly how I imagine a shoe store of the future looking.

• Have you ever wondered what Karl Lagerfeld looks like sans his trademark sunglasses? Well, here’s your chance!

• Take a look at 300 vintage TV print ads!

• One writer laments that times have changed and that instead of being drunk and depressed, the trend is leaning towards being healthy and happy. “Whereas previous generations of accomplished writers were awash in alcoholism and cigarettes, sexual-romantic openness, spiritual misery, and financial ruin, today’s young writers are more likely to faithfully drink 8-10 glasses of water daily, be married, get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night, and have a decent credit score.”

• I agree with Anna 100%: Design matters. It doesn’t matter if everyone else around you ‘doesn’t get it’ as long as you’re happy with your purchases!

• What’s it like to own a vintage boutique.

• Vintage photos of rock stars in their bathing suits.

• Cutting Edge Stencils are a cool alternative to wallpaper and vinyl wall decals. Even better, since they’re stencils, you get to choose the colors!

• Have you ever checked out The Economist’s Big Mac Index?

• Susie Bubble provides some great insight about being a fashion blogger.

• I love The Noctourne Series of paintings even more each time I see them. A modern take on the stuffy classic portrait, there is something unnerving and mysterious about the purposeful drip marks and partially hidden faces peeking through the canvases.

• Zoetica is creating an international mobile art workshop and is setting the goal of teaching her first group of students in the Peruvian Jungle this September. Please support her!

• CTRL+ALT+DEL coffee cups, anyone?

• I love this home decor idea: Use a glue gun to write or make designs on plain jars and vases before painting them.

Ryan Pavlovich Identity Refresh

Ryan Pavlovich is a talented photographer that I teamed up with earlier this year to work on an identity refresh. His portfolio has a strong focus on artists and musicians. You immediately get a feel for who he is when reading the About paragraph on his site which opens with, “I like my music loud, my whiskey neat, and my images to tell stories.” There you go; I appreciate those who get straight to the point while still allowing their personality to shine through.

I didn’t want Ryan to lose the cool rock n roll edge that’s so evident in his work but at the same time, the logo needed to be structured and professional enough to carry across his new promos and website. He wanted to keep his skull symbol but we traded in his Helvetica wordmark for Knockout (with some modifications) which feels more tidy and structured. I also created a secondary logo which reminds me of a skateboarding brand in the best possible way. This will be ideal for stickers and would also be great when embossed.

Once his logo was finished, Ryan took the next steps of working it into his website and accompanying collateral including promos and mailing labels. Ryan sent me a package containing his new branding which included temporary tattoos of his symbol (genius!) housed in a clear envelope.

Ryan Pavlovich Website by Ryan

A huge thank you goes out to Ryan for allowing me to give you a glimpse into our work together. It’s been fun!