Link Love: 7.28.11

link love

link love

Tatler, August 2011: Photo by Robert Trachtenberg.

• Russell Brand’s touching tribute to his friend, Amy Winehouse.

• It’s only natural that my favorite post on the Flickr blog is L is for Llama. Way too good!

• Don’t Fear The Internet is a new site that teaches the basics of HTML and CSS for non-web designers.

• The hottest baby names of 2011 is pretty entertaining.

• A photo of the 1896 Olympic Marathon features three men on a dirt road in what appears to be street clothes. Amazing!

• So, what the hell are we supposed to put on Google+?

• A hilarious look back at the Columbia House Music Club, a staple of our teenage years. We all tried it thinking we could outsmart the system and ended up owing. I have Columbia to thank for sending us Antichrist Superstar back in 1997.

• When should you stop writing for free?

• Have you had your turning point yet?

• Inspiring photos and chit-chat about makeup organization.

• A quick look inside the Portland branch of Wieden + Kennedy.

• Nickelodeon seems to think that the 90s are already nostalgic. The channel is launching Teen Nick which will feature reruns of its classic 90s series.

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