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Link Love: 7.21.11

link love

link love

Interview, August 2011: Cover by Mert & Marcus.

• Vogue Paris takes over LA. Oh so glamorously, of course.

• The reality of blogging while maintaining a full-time job.

• A goose wearing sandals?!! Now I think I’ve seen everything.

• There are fake Apple stores popping up in China.

• Why do you wear makeup? Do you feel different when you wear it? Has it become part of your identity? I Fell Down the Cosmetics Rabbit Hole is a great read.

• The worst pieces of love advice as told to Garance Doré!

• Nostalgia is not new. Hey, in 1991 people were already having 80s-themed parties.

• A really easy tutorial on how to style a beehive.

• 21 Google Plus circles you can actually use.

• How to make Photoshop faster!

• You really should listen to Barry White while applying for jobs. Really.

• I love the minimal design of the new Kinfolk Magazine website.

• Broke and the City: Actually affordable NYC thrift stores.