Link Love: 6.30.11

link love typography

link love typography

Image: Source Unknown.

• The eternal shame of your first online handle is a trip down memory lane for those of us of a certain age.

• A great introduction to the Basics of Typography.

• I just discovered the colorful mixed media collages of Charles Wilkin and they’re electrifying.

• 5 reasons to blog anonymously (and 5 reasons not to).

• If you have a sense of humor, Go the F*ck to Sleep may just be the best title of a children’s book in existence.

• A fantastic collection of album cover art over on Flickr.

• Portlanders, you must check out Salt & Straw, an adorable new ice cream cart with really unique flavors!

• Jane of Sea of Shoes shares her favorite beauty products for the summer.

• The 20 craziest job interview questions and the right answers. It’s extremely important to know the answer to “What is your strategy at table tennis?”

• I absolutely love this collection of photos from Brooklyn circa 1974.

•  What it’s like to fly first class.

• One more reason why you should never do cocaine.

• Karen Walker designs perhaps the most stylish sunglasses in existence.

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