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Link Love: 6.9.11

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link love

Image: Stockton Johnson for Rouge Magazine.

Hello! I’ve been on vacation in LA this week so Link Love will be a bit more brief.

• Wieden + Kennedy’s John C. Jay offers 10 lessons for young designers.

• If I ever decide to get another film camera, the Olympus Ecru, a concept camera from 1991 is at the top of my list.

• I was just interviewed for a super fun feature over at Lape Soetan about my love of traveling.

• If you want to put things in perspective and feel enormously insignificant, read this.

• What is this world coming to? The new obsession: achieving smaller pores. One of the featured woman says, “Girls on the subway have so much more makeup now, and look more produced than they used to. If I had HDTV, I would be more obsessed.” Wow.

• An interview with Penguin Book designer Allison Colpoys.

• God Save McQueen: an interesting insider’s look into Alexander McQueen’s world view.

• Gala Darling is putting together a series of posts on fashion bloggers and body image. I can’t wait to see what she has to say!

• Thinking about getting some bangs? Jane of Sea of shoes has just gathered up the best collection of women with bangs in existence.