Link Love: 6.2.11

link love typography

link love

Photo by Camilla Akrans for Numero #123

• You have to check out Awesome People Hanging Out Together. It’s a collection of photos of famous people just chillin’.

• I have an interview featured over at the just-launched Blogsmitten. Thanks, Chloe!

• Cool architectural patterns all around Miami.

• Life Magazine had just released a gallery of rare pre-fame Marilyn Monroe photos.

• Even if your boss says that you should use your real name on Facebook, should you?

• A great look back at American mall culture in 1989.

• Um, what were you really doing during your picnic in Prospect Park? Not eating, obviously.

• I’ve never given much thought to the toxins that could be lurking in the beauty products I use on a daily basis but after reading this post over at Verhext, I’ve vowed to make some changes.

• A really great how-to post over at Making it Lovely: Five important tips for photographing your home.

• It’s hard to believe that The Museum of Modern Art said no to Warhol back in 1956.

• In case you were wondering, here’s the difference between stationery and stationary.

• The most visually pleasing to do list in existence.

• This interview with Courtney Love is beyond entertaining.

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