Link Love: 5.26.11

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Photo by Gregory Harris for Interview, May 2011

• The early 20th century home page: Long before the internet, news outlets like the Boston Globe would hold up handwritten signs in highly trafficked areas to relay important news stories.

• A little history of red soled shoes.

• Roseanne Barr talks to New York Magazine about the slippery slope of fame. Quite memorably, she says, “During the recent and overly publicized breakdown of Charlie Sheen, I was repeatedly contacted by the media and asked to comment, as it was assumed that I know a thing or two about starring on a sitcom, fighting with producers, nasty divorces, public meltdowns, and bombing through a live comedy tour.”

• A list of words that you shouldn’t use.

• Carine Roitfeld sits down and opens up about her life post-Vogue Paris over a three hour lunch at a Russian restaurant.

• Gala fills us in on fold-up bikes and riding through the madness that is Manhattan.

• Was Back To The Future meant to be a period piece?

• A fascinating look inside the life of Huguette Clark: she was born into one of the richest New York families and could have easily taken the path of a socialite but instead died at 104 years old after decades in seclusion. Since the 1980s, she’d chosen to live in a hospital instead of one of her massive residences.

• These days, calling your granny ‘Grandma’ just won’t do. Um, try referring to her as GlamMa instead.

• Alicia from Sea of Ghosts just received the GHST RDR skirt and it looks awesome!

• Just in case you’ve ever wondered what an autopsy on a mermaid looks like.

• Iceland really wants you to pay it a visit.

• Though Oprah’s style has changed quite often over the last 25 years, Stedman has remained pretty much the same.

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