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What I Wore: 4.23.11 // Sunshine

what i wore nubby twiglet fashion style outfit

what i wore nubby twiglet fashion style outfit

S.E. Foster Rd., Portland, OR. 9:30 am, Saturday.

I woke up really early Saturday and was immediately inspired to wear my only pair of yellow shoes. Whenever the weather gets nice, I think of these. And, one of my favorite graphic design books just happens to share the same bright yellow. Time to hit the streets!

what i wore nubby twiglet fashion style outfit

what i wore nubby twiglet fashion style outfit

what i wore nubby twiglet fashion style outfit

In case you’re wondering, the book I am holding is Letterhead & Logo Design 11 and it is AWESOME. So awesome in fact that I had to pull out about 30 neon pink bookmarks before using it for photos!

what i wore nubby twiglet fashion style outfit

I Wore:

Cropped sweater, H&M
Zipper dress, H&M
Avant Garde Necklace, Plastique
Tights, drugstore in Iceland
Bag, Miu Miu
Heels, Margiela

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The Week in Pictures: 4.23.11

week in pictures

week in pictures

Hello, sunshine! I am so glad it’s the weekend. I’ve been working on so many projects, all of which I love, all for super cool people. Media kits and websites galore! And when agency freelancin’ includes a group painting session of Picasso and Coco Chanel portraits paired with drinks and Michael Jackson on the stereo at 4 pm on a Friday, life is pretty much perfect.

I actually went out to a bunch of cool places this week but sadly forgot my camera every time. But sometimes, it’s nice to not have that distraction…and instead just enjoy that quality time with family and friends.

week in pictures

Some things I just can’t keep to myself. I know I just proclaimed my undying love for NARS lipstick last month but I have something new to share with you as well: MAC Sheen Supreme lipstick. Seriously, you have to try this stuff. I’ve been wearing MAC lipstick since 7th grade and this new release is by far my favorite. Extra strong vanilla scent, insanely creamy, incredibly smooth and…need I say more? Get thyself to a MAC counter!

week in pictures

I spend way too much time at my desk which inevitably leads to way too many office shots! Joey and I have been working on the finishing touches for our bedroom (iPod dock just arrived, acrylic night stands just ordered, now we’re hunting for a cool bed frame) so I will have some fresh scenery to show you soon.

week in pictures

week in pictures

This is what I wore while running errands downtown with Joey on Sunday. We made quick stops at H&M (who I salute for having black clothes during the Spring / Summer — I can only take so many florals, dusty rose tones and khaki!), the art supply store and a skateboard shop. I wore: Forever 21 dress and striped cardigan, H&M tights, Zana Bayne 4-strap belt and Acne Atacoma wedges.

I’ve got a ton of things that I want to accomplish this weekend and I’m feeling super motivated…so it’s time to get rolling. See you bright and early Monday! xoxo

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Link Love: 4.21.11

link love typography

link love

Source: Greg Kadel for Vogue Germany, May 2011.

• My new favorite font? Llama Font, of course! 😉

• What would a life-size Barbie look like? Totally unnatural…and a great conversation starter about body image.

• This thought has crossed my mind many, many times: you’ll never be able to experience the majority of the world’s books, music, films, television and art in your lifetime.

• I enjoyed reading Gala’s article about not wanting children. Societal pressure on women can be intense and it’s totally okay to just say no!

• What would certain famous logos look like if they were being completely honest?

• Mailchimp has the best sponsorship slides around.

• Enough of the usual photos of baby animals, check out photos of these elderly animals!

• This is weird but oddly funny! What would the back of some well-known webpages look like?

• Two gay men have spent the last 21 years carrying a doll around the world. They christened him Digby and he has tons of custom outfits!

Advice #36: I Love Design But I Am Afraid of Change!

ask nubby advice

ask nubby advice

Source: Julian Bialowas.

Hi! I see how you adore your job, you put a lot effort into it and, in my opinion, that’s the most important element: PASSION. I’m only 18 and I have realized that I’m just studying physics because it’s like a “safe” way to live my life. You know, you graduate, you get a job, you marry and have children … all those things. I’m afraid of doing what I want to do, what I like to do. I love graphic design and I’m now thinking about my options. How did you arrive at where you are now, what’s your job exactly and how does it work?

Remember that life isn’t a big check list.

You’re not in a race through an obstacle course, checking off your adherence to societal standards, one by one. As we get older, it becomes even more clear that our happiness and well-being are often more important than the perceived clout we get from a job title. If you’re not in school for a career that you feel passionate about, it tends to only get worse with time.

Relax. We learn through trial and error.

In life, I’m a firm believer that sometimes you have to try out a few things that you don’t necessarily like before finding the right fit. Because then when you finally do, you just know. It’s about trial and error — at some point, most of us will end up at jobs that we end up hating or choose a college major that isn’t the best fit. When you do make mistakes, take the opportunity to learn from them…and then move on. Then file it away under life experience!

You have to do what’s best for you. In the end, you’ll accomplish nothing except feeling miserable if you’re just going through the motions, trying to live up to an ideal that doesn’t necessarily mesh with what you want. If you’re determined enough, you’ll probably hit every one of those goals (degree, career, married and children) before 30 and then what? Will you be happy? Or look back and wish that at 18, you’d decided to take the graphic design route because that was REALLY what you wanted to do?

How did I arrive at where I am?

Right now, I am happy with where I’m at but it took years to get to this place. I’m a designer and blogger, both of which I love and set out to do a long time ago. I’ve been actively blogging since 2001, most importantly because I enjoy it. I’ve always felt like my work, life, surroundings and style were all interconnected. While my design work is very important to me, it’s a snapshot of a much bigger picture, much of which gets shared daily on my blog.

I’ve been designing professionally since 2007 though I started dabbling a few years before. 2007 was the year that I got my first agency internship. The second I graduated in 2008, I started working full-time and transitioned to freelance in 2009. A career in design isn’t easy. You have to be really passionate about it because the task of constantly trying to deliver your best work possible meshed with what the client wants (they’re paying you, after all) can be incredibly stressful at times. But that feeling of getting a complement from a client or seeing your work in print just can’t be beat.

Like you, I have always been very practical when it comes to school and a career — I’m just not one of those fearless, ‘anything goes’ types of people! I had no idea that graphic design was a career option until my mid-twenties! So on I went, doing what I felt was the most practical and earning a business degree. I’ve always loved marketing and advertising and anyway, I wondered, where would I get a job with an art degree?

Once I’d finished, I felt like something was missing. By 2005, I’d discovered graphic design and was doing small freelance jobs. I soon realized that half of being a designer is made up of what you don’t see — gathering assets, setting up files, the production. So, back to school I went. Since I’d already gone the ‘practical’ route (like you) and trudged through all the classes I’d deemed un-fun (namely pre-calculus), going back to school for design was a total dream. I was passionate about it, excited to learn every single day and the time flew by. If you feel that you’re in the wrong major, don’t suffer through it ‘just because!’

Follow your passion.

It’s never too late to make a switch. Only you can make a decision about what’s best for you. If you have a nagging feeling that something isn’t right or keep wondering ‘is this all there is?’ then stop and listen to your intuition. You’re in charge of your happiness.

Of course, getting from Point A to Point B isn’t magic! You have to first decide if a switch to design is what you want and if it’s the right choice for right now. Next, you have to make a plan. What school will you go to? How will you afford it? Next, you have to set some goals. How long are you going to give yourself to finish school? To build a portfolio? To find steady work once you’re finished? Finally, ask yourself…what is holding you back? What are you afraid of? Once you answer that, you can break through and take the next step. Good luck!

Call of the Wild: By Paige for Solestruck Landing Pages

Quick note: I’ve been having some issues with my blog RSS feed showing up in Google Reader and I’m still trying to work out a fix. In the meantime, I am still blogging every weekday so please continue to stop by! I’ll keep you updated and I apologize for any inconvenience.

solestruck by paige

I love Solestruck because they always keep me on my toes. Literally. When I was leaving their offices a few weeks back, they handed me a stack of shoe boxes containing needlepoint loafers. Yes, I said needlepoint. By Paige is a new brand for them and I knew this was going to be a fun set of landing pages because these weren’t just any old loafers — they featured animals including horses, lobsters and owls.

solestruck by paige

solestruck by paige

solestruck by paige

solestruck by paige

Living in an old Bavarian-themed house has its advantages. We shot everything inside with my brother’s random knick-knacks adding the perfect dose of kitsch. A golden owl, an eight foot tall black bear, a leather cowboy hat…and finally, my bathroom that looks like it belongs to a German grandma with wildly patterned faux tile.

By Paige has all your needlepoint loafer needs covered. I can only dream of llama loafers for the time being but it seems as if they have the rest of the animal kingdom taken care of.

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