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Link Love: 4.21.11

link love typography

link love

Source: Greg Kadel for Vogue Germany, May 2011.

• My new favorite font? Llama Font, of course! 😉

• What would a life-size Barbie look like? Totally unnatural…and a great conversation starter about body image.

• This thought has crossed my mind many, many times: you’ll never be able to experience the majority of the world’s books, music, films, television and art in your lifetime.

• I enjoyed reading Gala’s article about not wanting children. Societal pressure on women can be intense and it’s totally okay to just say no!

• What would certain famous logos look like if they were being completely honest?

• Mailchimp has the best sponsorship slides around.

• Enough of the usual photos of baby animals, check out photos of these elderly animals!

• This is weird but oddly funny! What would the back of some well-known webpages look like?

• Two gay men have spent the last 21 years carrying a doll around the world. They christened him Digby and he has tons of custom outfits!