Link Love: 4.7.11

link love typography

link love

Vogue Italia, April 2011 by Steven Meisel.

• WhatFont has just launched a bookmarklet that tells you what font is being used on a website when you hover over it!

• I really enjoyed reading Elsie’s On Being A Workaholic & Still Having A Life. Fantastic advice.

• In case you were wondering: How to be the best house guest ever.

• Gala is the queen of lists! Check out her 50 Things Every Girl Needs This Summer!

• ReadyMade just posted their 100 Finalists. Inspiring people and projects – what’s not to love?

• I am totally digging Method’s new Disney packaged soaps. The ears get me every time!

• Even Kris Atomic’s phone photos of Iceland are absolutely gorgeous!

• Female designers, listen up! If you’re looking for other trailblazers in the industry, check out Women of Design.

• Clutter be gone! It’s true that physical clutter negatively affects your ability to focus.

link love

• I am totally enamored with a collection of brightly colored booklets called The Rules for the Conduct of Life. With titles like Life, Death & The Business In Between, how could you not crack a smile?!

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