The Typofiles #78: Colette 10 CD

typofiles typography

My hotel nightstand in Paris, February 2011

Up until I was in Paris, I hadn’t bought a CD in 5+ years. Being a minimalist, I try to keep all my music digital beyond my well-loved record collection. But, that all changed when I stumbled into the holy grail of Parisian cool, Colette. Feeling more like a perfectly curated museum of modern artifacts than a store, it’s also wildly expensive. But when I spotted Colette 10 in its series of cult classic mix albums by the register, I had to have it.

typofiles typography

typofiles typography

I’ve been following these albums for years, always admiring the sleek, simplistic design of the packaging. The CD now resides on a shelf above my desk.

typofiles typography

Photo by Juliane Berry

While we’re on the topic of typography and Paris, I had to share one of my favorite moments with you. While spending the day with photographer Juliane Berry, Gala and I had the chance to visit a park outside of the city which had a few words in front of it but notably the last spelt out P A R I S. It was raining, but we were determined to get some shots of Gala on top of the letter P. To keep dry, I climbed into the center of a nearby D and watched as a Frenchman tried to hoist her on top of the sign to no avail. She just hung there, slowly slipping away. Juliane and I were looking at each other like “OMG, she’s going to break her neck!” A Kodak moment for sure.

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