The Week in Pictures: 3.4.11 // New York City Pt. 2

week in pictures

week in pictures

On Wednesday night, I flew home to Portland from New York after a huge dose of epic travels. The view totally blew me away as glittering, glistening lights lit up the nighttime sky. Over the last two weeks, my itinerary went something like this:

PORTLAND > NYC. NYC > PARIS. PARIS > REYKJAVIK. REYKJAVIK > NYC. NYC > PORTLAND. All I have to say is that I am now an honorary member of Jetlaggers Anonymous!

week in pictures

By the time Gala and I hit American soil after a few day stay in Reykjavik and trudged through customs, I was ready to just chill out (and order thai take-out). I basically camped out on Bianca’s couch for what felt like an eternity, unable to keep a normal schedule. Though, on the very bright side of things, I did manage to paint my nails a neon salmon tone thanks to a bottle of nail polish I’d picked up in an Icelandic pharmacy. P.S. Aren’t the Dean & Deluca coffee cups très chic??

week in pictures

As jetlagged as I was, I knew that at some point I had to leave that damn couch. Some window shopping in Soho (though freezing cold) did the trick. These shoes in Etro were RAD. They could be classified as modern baroque, perhaps? I want to feel like a regal urban warrior for Spring!!

week in pictures

On my last night in New York, still not fully recovered, I passed out at 8 pm on the infamous couch once again and slept through visits by repair men, shouting, toxic chemicals wafting from Bianca’s hair straightening, you name it. But! It was just a disco nap! By 10 pm, I bounced up, redid my makeup and hit the town for one last toast with friends.

New York always turns on the charm but boy is it good to be home in my own office once again and spending some quality time with my boys (Joey & Rocky)! It took what felt like hours to unpack yesterday with the floor quickly becoming a wasteland of black and white miscellany. Expect another Parisian post coming up this afternoon and eventually, I will be circling back to our otherworldly Icelandic adventure. Until then, cheers!

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