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Goodbye, Paris. Hello, Reykjavik?!

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Photo by Juliane Berry, Paris.

Paris was by far my favorite trip EVER. I mean, I expected it to be good but it far surpassed all my expectations. Gala and I left Paris this morning (after one last delicious pastry for breakfast, of course) but we were far from ready to go home — we had one more stop on our epic journey. As we boarded an Air Iceland plane (!!!), I knew we were in for even more excitement and surprises. As you’ve probably figured out, Virgos have a hard time taking the easy route, traveling included. We arrived in Iceland this evening and took a cab past miles of what appeared to ancient volcanic moonscapes. And now, the second chapter of our EuroVirgo 2011 trek continues.

I have so much more to share with you, coming up soon-ish!

Cheers from Iceland,

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