Bonjour from Paris!

bonjour from paris nubby twiglet

Comment allez-vous? Gala and I have been having an absolute blast in the City of Love! Here are a few snapshots from the last few days. Enjoy!

bonjour from paris nubby twiglet

Photo by Juliane Berry

Un. Traveling with your BFF is the best! Do it! It’s so nice keeping company with someone who wakes up at a similar hour and shares the same taste in hotel rooms, shopping and food. No stress!

bonjour from paris nubby twiglet

Deux. Give the old classics a new spin. Let’s face it — Gala and I rarely ever play by the rules. Having a great time is paramount, especially when you’ve just traveled halfway across the world. We made the most of our time at the Eiffel Tower and strolling down the Champs-Élysées towards the Arc de Triomphe, shooting polaroids and even throwing on our matching Mickey Mouse ears for a few shots.

bonjour from paris nubby twiglet

Trois. Nothing can beat the excitement of finally seeing the Eiffel Tower in person. Nothing.

bonjour from paris nubby twiglet

Quatre. Nobody explained to me what an authentic espresso would taste like. Let’s be honest here — I am American, I am used to the flavor and consistency of Starbucks. On our first day in Paris, my face shriveled with just a sip. Ha!

Au revoir!

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