Link Love: 2.10.11

link love typography

link love

Image, Love Magazine.

• I relate perhaps a little to much to I Confess! I’m a Workaholic.

• If you’re looking for some new visual inspiration, check out 30 other blogs worth tumbling about.

• What’s a Prince concert like these days and more importantly, how does he get around profanity-laced songs now that he’s a Jehovah’s Witness?

• Useful web services, tools and resources for web designers.

• This week at Cary Tennis: Why do I Blog?

• What happens when your carefully orchestrated adventure in using a public restroom goes terribly wrong? I can so relate.

• Dane Lovett’s paintings are magical in a totally modern way.

• Interior design mastermind Kelly Wearstler has just launched a blog, My Vibe Life that gives us glimpses into her studio and world of inspiration.

• I am totally infatuated with letterpress wallpaper.

• Watching Michael Jackson’s feet spin in his glittery socks is totally hypnotizing me.

• What your 16 hour work day says about you. (via rachel hills)

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