Luke Copping 2011 Promo Cards

luke copping promo cards

Often, the projects that I’m working on are on-site for huge companies and can stretch on for months at a time…but some of my personal favorites are the smaller jobs that might comprise of a singular piece. In this case, I created a template for an oversized promo card for long-time client Luke Copping. With this template, he can easily relink to fresh images and keep potential clients on the pulse of what he’s been up to — the back tells the story, detailing that particular shoot.

luke copping promo cards

luke copping promo cards

Luke was one of my first-ever photography clients and even after the 100+ jobs I’ve worked on since then, Luke’s identity remains as one of my favorites. The simplicity lends itself to seamlessly morphing between his more corporate and edgier campaigns.

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