Link Love: 2.3.11

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link love

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• The North American president of The Gap has has been fired, in no small part because of that infamous logo fiasco.

• Steve Pavlina shut down all of his communication on Facebook one month ago and shares his observations.

• 15 annoying website designs you must avoid.

• Designers & Books is such a great idea, allowing well-known designers to share books that made an impact on their lives.

• An iconic look back at The Rolling Stones while they were in exile in the French Riviera during 1971.

• It’s about time! Francois Nars is finally opening his first boutique in New York.

• Should designer’s business cards be designed?

• Even when it comes to home decor, ask and ye shall receive. And then wait for the said item to make its way to your doorstep.

• For those that cannot afford a custom solution, a DIY shoe closet is the answer. Personally, I use a bookshelf as well.

• The overlooked importance of compelling journalism, a great read for new bloggers.

• Ah, I love this! Rock stars posing with their parents, gathered from an issue of LIFE, circa 1971.

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