Link Love: 1.13.11

link love

Kate Moss by Craig McDean.

• I enjoyed reading a more in-depth explanation of the new Starbucks branding. Good stuff.

• This actually exists! The Penguin Classics Complete Library contains nearly every Penguin Classics book ever published and is available on Amazon for….$13,413.30. Oh, and the collection weighs about 700 pounds.

• How to get paid what you’re worth.

• Gala is obsessed with Pinterest and it sounds pretty cool — it’s a site that allows you to catalog things you love into the equivalent of digital inspiration boards!

• Over at Cary Tennis: My family hates me and I’m 25…and I’ve wasted my life!

• I am totally loving this Aphrodite USB hub.

• The top 10 craziest moments in body image in 2010. (via already pretty)

• I love mid-century modern chairs, don’t you?

• How to get 80+ comments on your next blog post.

• Luxurare wanted a uniform of sorts to make getting dressed for every weekday a cinch. Well, of course she outdid herself and designed her own collection. Wow.

• One of my guilty blog pleasures: Shoelust keeps me up to date on what’s cool and new with footwear!

• Do you need to do a shopping detox? Do you think you could you make it an entire month?

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