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solestruck graphic design ads

Shooting these shoes turned into a makeshift adventure. First, I got stuck in rush hour traffic trying to pick up the box of samples from the Solestruck store, ended up taking the first open parking spot I found and sprinting four blocks through downtown in my Minimarket wedges. Next, since these were production samples, there were only right shoes and they weren’t my size.

But, I’m always up for a good challenge and sometimes, a clean and simple product shot is the way to go. Trust me though, if I could have crammed my foot into these size 6 Dolce Vita samples, I would have.

solestruck graphic design ads

Though these are a fairly basic shape, criss-crossing lines with minimal seams and that huge tassel had me smitten. I think I’m gonna go for the red…and hope that Spring eventually shows up. Which at the moment seems very unlikely. Find yours here.

solestruck graphic design ads

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