Link Love: 12.9.10

link love typography

link love

Photos (above and below) by Patrick Demarchelier.

• When ModCloth asked me to do a little tour of Downtown Portland for their blog, I couldn’t resist!

• Graphic design through the decades: the 90s!

• Find out what it’s like to be a hand model. This is such a weird video!

• Preparing art for screen printing in Adobe Illustrator.

A bohemian in the Cheesecake Factory: If you’re going undercover and pretending to be normal, don’t try too hard or you’ll be found out!

• Six ways to optimize Photoshop performance.

• Pretty much one of the best kitchens I’ve ever seen. If you had a kitchen like this, why would you ever leave the room?

• I’d never heard of the Paris-based company Vente Privee before but wow, you must check out their headquarters!

• Proof that great style comes in all shapes and sizes. (via already pretty)

• Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a suitable Playboy Centerfold? Jezebel got ahold of some copies of centerfolds marked up by the editors and art department (NSFW). Apparently, perfect still isn’t good enough.

• Advice for young / new graduate artists. (via rachel hills)

link love

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