Daily Archives: December 8, 2010

Haus Beautiful: Decor Inspiration

As I slowly but surely make progress with redoing my house, Wolfgang Monor, the more enamored I become with interior design and decor. I realized that it wouldn’t be entirely fair to keep all of my inspirations hidden away. So, without delay, here’s what’s exciting me at the moment!

1. Panton Chairs. The shiny black one is a reproduction, of which I own two (though I can’t recall the source). Next is an authentic Panton Chair in a DWR shoot. 2. Le Klint 172B Pendant Lights. Adding a bit of whimsy to living spaces and originally crafted in 1971, these are so space age and fun to stare at. I just bought a reproduction off Ebay for my bedroom (which you’ll see on Friday!) 3. Minimal Desktops. (Source unknown). Preferably topped with a Mac and cute coffee mug. 4. White Rooms with Black Accents. This living room is really inspirational in its clean, austere stylings. 5. Black Walls. (Source unknown). My bedroom walls are black — nothing like a little drama! 6. IKEA Kassett Boxes. Inexpensive and way better looking than a mishmash of shoe boxes, these storage boxes are perfect for organizing a closet’s clutter.

1. Black Bedrooms. Always and forever. Image from Living Etc. 2. Woods Wallpaper by Cole & Son. We’re doing one of our dining room walls in this timeless pattern. I just have to get my dad to focus long enough to help me hang it! 3. White Workspaces. This shot from DWR manages to perfectly sum up my aesthetic. 4. Crucifixes. In unexpected forms. 5. Marais A Chairs. Our dining room chairs of choice, these originally gained popularity in French cafés. 6. Antler Chandeliers. (Source unknown). If I had a cabin, this would be perfection. 7. Minimal White Rooms. (Source unknown). 8. Square Dishes. These are the dishes that I use and a nice change from typically round offerings.

1. Black & White + Type. (Source unknown). Really, you can’t go wrong. 2. Inspiring Work Spaces. Image from Convoy, an amazing source for interior imagery. 3. Repetition via Framed Photos. What a great way to add some drama to a minimal office! 4. Chandeliers in Unexpected Places. Like the kitchen. Why not? 5. Shelves Above Desks. I added one from IKEA a few months back and not only does it break up an empty wall, but it also holds my overflow of shoes and magazines. 6. Fancy Bathrooms. (Source unknown). Someday! 7. Regal Headboards. I’m totally in love with this look. Still on the hunt for a suitable headboard to dress up my minimal, black-walled room.

Thanks for following me down my path of interior inspiration! I have much more to share in this area in upcoming posts. Oh, and did I mention that my brother and I started painting our all black living room all white over the weekend?! Yep. stay tuned!