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aroha silhouettes graphic design

Aroha Silhouettes Jewelry Tag

I’m still trying to keep my promise to show more of the projects that go on behind the scenes at One of my favorite projects this year has been creating an updated logo for Aroha Silhouettes, a Canadian jewelry company.

Earlier this year Tania, the owner of Aroha contacted me. She wanted to update her logo and overall corporate identity to a more mature look since the company had grown quite a bit since its humble beginnings in 2008. How does someone get their start designing jewelry? Tania says, “I started Aroha Silhouettes back in 2008 when I first moved from New Zealand to Canada. Although I love working in laboratories I desperately needed a creative side project to round things out and break the routine. A coworker introduced me to graphic design, hooked me up with a program on my old clunker laptop and things evolved from there.”


aroha silhouettes graphic design

Overall Objectives

To make a logo work for Aroha Silhouettes, we had to accomplish a few different things:

1. Readability at a small scale. Of this, Tania says, “It needed to have the ability to be scaled down to a teeny tiny size for jewelry tags.”

2. The ability to have the ‘A’ stand on its own. Since the ‘A’ was going to be used on jewelry boxes and tags, it had to be clean enough to hold its own without the company name.

3. The flexibility to work in a variety of lockups. The new identity was spanning across the jewelry tags, the website, packaging, business cards and more so it had to work horizontally and vertically.

aroha silhouettes graphic design

A piece from Tania’s first collection, made of vinyl records.

When I started concepting logo ideas, Tania mentioned her first jewelry collection, made out of vinyl records. Immediately, I thought about the needle and how it follows the grooves, from the outside to the inside in a smooth, continuous line. Presto! The logo followed. I presented other ideas as well, but a general version of this existed from the beginning.

Additional Collateral

aroha silhouettes graphic design

Once I finished Tania’s logo and handed off the final files, she designed everything else on her own, applying the logo to jewelry tags, invoices, her new website and even the packaging.

aroha silhouettes graphic design

aroha silhouettes graphic design

I really like how clean the packaging looks — to me, the scale and spacing adds a sense of luxury to the outcome.

The Collection

aroha silhouettes graphic design

The piece above is from the Disposition line. Of the designs, Tania says that “they are influenced strongly by the elements of the clean sterile laboratories I work in, geometrical shapes and dark bold lines. I use non-traditional materials to create my pieces. By taking advantage of their properties and utilizing the negative spaces of silhouettes I can create distinctive pieces that are actually worth a second glance and a compliment.”

A huge thank you goes out to Tania and Aroha Silhouettes for allowing me to share this process and outcome!

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