Link Love: 11.4.10

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link love

Madjimm Lera by duck-porn

• My favorite Halloween costumes this year include LouLou, who went as Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra, Jane as Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, Gala as a widow and a sweet dog named Mama Biscuit who dressed as Anna Wintour!!!

How to be fabulous in three easy(ish) steps.

• It’s funny to think that something as basic as the phone book has had such a profound effect on our modern existence. “Phone books eroded (these) barriers. They were the first step in our long journey toward the pandemic self-surveillance of Facebook. “Hey strangers!” anyone who appeared in their pages ordained. “Here’s how to reach me whenever you feel like it, even though I have no idea who you are.”

• I love the pop of color in this rainbow kitchen!

• What’s the difference between blog posts versus articles?

• In totally random yet highly amusing news, here’s a list of the titles the North Korean media has used to refer to Kim Jong-il. My favorites? Superior Person and Glorious General, Who Descended From Heaven.

• In case you were wondering…how to deal with people you hate.

• This (now infamous) Marie Claire article about the author’s disdain for fat people set off a huge fire storm with over 3,000 comments.

• Should YOU stop blogging too? (via gala)

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