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Link Love: 10.28.10

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link love

Coco Rocha

Quick announcement: My blogging software was just updated and I am aware that my RSS feed isn’t functioning properly. We’re working to get the issue fixed as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience!

• Not that I ever use Myspace, but they just unveiled a new identity. What are yout thoughts? Crafty or horrid? Personally, I’m not a fan.

• Rapper and mogul Jay-Z opens up about his $450 million empire. “When he shares strawberry malts with Warren Buffett, confers with the president, or even vacations in St. Tropez, he does so on behalf of “the culture,” he says, by which he means hip-hop.”

• A recent graduate wonders if she should give up on writing.

• Cary Tennis to the rescue! My 20-something kids don’t help around the house.

• I love this photo essay! NYC subway photos, 1917 to the present.

• One 55 year old lady questions why it’s not socially acceptable for middle-aged women to have long hair. (via already pretty)

• Anna of D16 joins the cult of black bedroom walls.

• Perhaps the most gorgeous camera ever. Leica just unveiled an $8500.00 camera (how is that possible?!) and it sure is fun to look at.