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Link Love: 10.21.10

link love typography

link love


• I love andy Warhol’s take on Coca Cola.

• How can you learn to manage your jealousy towards other women?

• W Magazine recently underwent a logo redesign and the simple modification is a vast improvement over its previous incarnation.

• Just what we needed! For all those web project needs, generate some gangsta lorem ipsum.

• What a cool concept! The School of Life.

• You’re okay just the way you are. Really.

• A nice little infographic featuring colors of the top 100 web brands.

• In case you’re wondering: how to turn work experience into a job.

• Steve Pavlina figuratively put a brick in his mailbox and goes on to explain why he disabled his contact form. He makes an interesting point when he mentions that “People send me feedback not just about my present day work, but about work I did going all the way back to the 90s. Imagine receiving daily feedback about things you did over the past decade instead of just the past week or two. Suppose that every day, people sent you questions about things you said or did in 2005, 2006, 2007… even 1999. Imagine what this forced nostalgia would do to your ability to stay focused on the present.”

• What kind of food can you buy for a dollar?

• The food photography of Marina Ekroos is beautiful in its simplicity.

• If you live in a rental, this bathroom post has some great ideas on how you can spice things up!