Link Love: 9.30.10

link love typography

link love

Irina Lazareanu in Marie Claire

• Are these mindsets holding you back from blogging success?

• Breaking down doors: promoting yourself to dream clients.

• Oh, make me over: Gala shares her top beauty product picks!

• Sometimes coffee brands all start looking the same to me. The Australian version of McCafé has done a great job of subtly standing out!

• Timeless advice: 10 things by Milton Glaser.

• Has anyone ever said “You shouldn’t wear that!” to you? Why is it their business anyway?

• Finding success as a self-employed designer.

• This article on sexual harassment is a must read. “In Paris on Tuesday, a man tried to kiss me while I sat in a park looking through the pictures I’d taken on my camera.” What?!!

• The Sea of Shoes Spring fashion art contest is so inspiring. There’s still time to enter if you’re interested!

• The album artwork for Angelspit’s new release, Larva Pupa Tank Coffin is gorgeous!

• Okay, I barely ever use my credit card but the new Pantone for Visa cards have my heart beating a little faster.

• How to kern type perfectly.

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