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The Week in Pictures: 9.24.10

Welcome to The Week in Pictures! After a nonstop travel schedule for the last week and a half, it’s great to be back home and settled in with my favorite boys (Joey, Rocky & my brother).

week in pictures

week in pictures

It’s true — I have a new tights obsession. I found these for barely six dollars at Century 21 when I was in New York a little over a week ago. Between the tights and boots, I think my bottom half looks like a mod Swedish masterpiece! Maybe that doesn’t make any sense. Anyway! These Minimarket boots are from Solestruck and were my birthday present to myself after my zipper back version began to wear out. The quality is amazing — and these are shockingly comfortable. I swear.

week in pictures

Wherever I’ve worked, I’ve always envied the cool design kids and their Pantone mugs. Now, I can finally stop plotting to steal theirs! Haha. I picked mine up online from Broadway Paper and they had excellent service.

week in pictures

My lifelong obsession with editorial design wages on, thanks to this super cool fold-out advertisement from Bloomingdale’s that I got in New York (thanks, Gala!)

week in pictures

week in pictures

week in pictures

The big news of the week is that we finally have a proper place to sit and eat meals at Wolfgang Manor! When we moved in last year, we didn’t really have any real furniture. I’ve been basically eating every meal at my office desk! The dining room is still coming together (we’re wallpapering one wall and picking out different lighting) but I am thankful that we can now have little dinner parties and pretend to be sort of grown up. The table was found at a local store specializing in salvage and antiques, the chairs are the Marais ‘A’ style and the dishes are from CB2.

Have a super productive weekend and I’ll see you on Monday! XOXO.

Peace, Love & Nubs,

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Link Love: 9.23.10

link love typography

link love


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