The Week in Pictures: 9.4.10

The Woodland Nymph Outtakes

week in pictures

week in pictures

This week was pretty chill and after the last few weeks, no news is good news in my book! At the moment, I’m just prepping to head out to New York late next week for the tail end of Fashion Week and for annual Virgo birthday celebrations with Gala.

After we did the Solestruck photos late one night, my brother had a backdrop ready to go for a quick test shoot. This is the kind of stuff we tend to do at midnight in our dining room.

The Dining Room at Wolfgang Manor

In other news, the barren dining room we’ve had for the last year is finally starting to come together. I can’t really show you photos yet because we have to wallpaper one of the walls and get chairs, lighting and dinnerware ordered. At least I can share a few of the items we’ve picked out for it.

week in pictures

Marais A Chairs

Over the weekend we picked up a weathered work table that probably sat in someone’s barn for 80 years and are balancing out the overly distressed exterior with a set of four Marais ‘A’ chairs. They’re industrial, modern and I can’t imagine ever getting sick of them. I’ve read that they’re popular in old French cafés. Also, it’s time to be a grown-up and get a matching set of dishes. I’m thinking all white and square. What’s your opinion regarding square dishes?

week in pictures

CB2 White Square Dinnerware

And! As usual, I am getting off track. But!!! Two nights ago when I was searching for the perfect dining room accessories and envisioning future dinner parties, I came across this rug:

week in pictures

CB2 Club Red Rug

A few months back, I was having trouble finding anything remotely cool rug-wise for my office and decided that the barren hardwoods were the way to go. But I know that Rocky would like a softer surface when he is lounging with me and I think it would add the last little pop of color to my mostly monochromatic set-up.

Will Work for Shoes

week in pictures

week in pictures

week in pictures

The highlight of my week was getting featured on the front page of the Solestruck website and I got to enjoy a kickass pair of GeeWaWa shoes in the process. Most importantly though, I am really proud of my brother. Not only did he shoot my photos but he also shot the brand new Solestruck Lookbook (featured above my banner ad) which is overflowing with even more rad stuff. It’s a family affair!

Woodland Rocky

week in pictures

Time for a laugh. You know that quick little shoot I mentioned above? Well, we couldn’t let a perfectly good backdrop go to waste! Don’t worry, Rocky was fairly compensated for his time with a pile of cheese afterwards. Priceless.

Americans, enjoy your holiday weekend and I will return on Monday!

Peace, Love & Nubs,

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